Well-Told Stories That Engage, Inspire, & Influence


Connect and engage your audience through stories that make you relatable and build empathy and trust.


Motivate and inspire your audience through stories that tap into their emotions and make your message memorable.


Lead and influence your audience through stories that ignite their imagination and help them envision the future.

Why Stories And Storytelling Matter More Than You Think

I know you have a message to share and you want to communicate with influence. In today’s digital age, attention is the most precious commodity. But how do you command it with all the noise? Storytelling reveals the secret to engaging your customers and employees and influencing their behaviors.  Your story is the heart of your brand.


Hi, there. I’m Andrea Cadelli, speaker and communication coach with Heart Fire Stories®. I help you harness the power of story because I love connecting people to what matters most. For you, that’s your customers and employees. For them, it’s your products, services, and ideas.  You both win when you find each other. Wouldn’t you agree?  

Our Mission

My mission with  Heart Fire Stories®  is to share communication and story strategies that help you clarify your message and magnify your impact. Whether you are trying to build trust, share your vision, communicate your brand, or move your employees through change, the principals of effective communication and storytelling can help you engage, inspire, and influence your audience.

Create That Heart Fire Connection With Your Audience

As a public speaker and communication coach with experience in marketing, theater, video, and film, I utilize a proven storytelling framework to help you discover, craft, and share stories that resonate with your target audience and influence desired behaviors. Storytelling is your superpower and I help you embrace it.

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Rave Reviews

Success Stories from the Stage
J. Darren Owen, J.D., Realtor

J. Darren Owen, J.D., Realtor

Basset Mix and Associates

“Andrea captivated the entire audience with her stories and transformational change expertise. Her passion, energy, and personal stories created an amazing emotional connection with everyone present. If you want someone who can transform the energy in the room, I highly recommend Andrea Cadelli as your next speaker. You will not be disappointed.”

Annella Metoyer, President

Annella Metoyer, President

Inspire Development, LLC

“Hands down, Andrea is the best in the business for storytelling. She brings you into the story and takes you on the journey with her. Her talk lingers with you, leaving you wanting more. If you’re looking for a new approach to engage and influence an everchanging workforce, book Andrea for your next event!”

Val Heart, The Real Dr. Doolittle & Pet Problem Solving Specialist

Val Heart, The Real Dr. Doolittle & Pet Problem Solving Specialist


“Andrea has an extraordinary ability to engage her audience with soulful stories. She inspires and breaks down the walls between people, illuminating our humanity and expanding our ability to connect at a deep, personal level. Every one of us can improve our stories, on both personal and professional levels, and Andrea can teach us how to do it.”

See more Testimonials HERE

See more Testimonials HERE

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The Power of Stories, Read and Enjoy!

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