Meet Your Heart Fire Storyteller:

Andrea Cadelli, professional storyteller, commuications coach, speaking coach

Andrea Cadelli is the founder and CEO of Newcastle Media, LLC & Heart Fire Stories®, a speaking and communication consulting company based in Northwest Arkansas.

As a master storyteller specializing in effective communication and persuasive speaking skills, Andrea works with leaders, entrepreneurs, and public speakers to discover, craft and share stories that resonate with your target audience and influence behaviors.

Whether you are pitching an idea, transitioning through change, trying to grow sales, communicating your brand, or trying to motivate with your message, stories are the most powerful way to connect and engage your audience and move them in the desired direction.

Andrea's Story:

Imagine a world where your marketing, communications, and brand story all align to help you create an irresistible connection with your customers and employees and stand out from your competition. Sound too good to be true? Think again.

Hi, there! I’m Andrea Cadelli, keynote speaker and communication and story consultant with Heart Fire Stories®. I work with individuals and companies who want to attract the attention of customers and employees, grow sales, and build brand loyalty through strategic storytelling, the most powerful way to influence any audience.

I still remember how my love affair with stories began. When I was eleven years old, something magical happened that opened my eyes to the world of storytelling. I grew up next door to a man named David who directed theater at the community college in my hometown. His daughter Amy and I spent our days together navigating through make-believe worlds and acting out impromptu stories which involved assigning our stuffed animals roles to play and dressing them up in homemade costumes.

David noticed that I was a creative child who needed an outlet for self-expression, so he invited me to audition for one of the orphans in his musical production of Annie. Now, I couldn’t see how this was going to work out because I was already 5’6” tall, and I towered a good foot above all the “normal size” orphans in the auditions. Talk about being the biggest problem child for evil Miss Hannigan! Oh yeah, and then there was the dancing requirement. Well, I had to be honest with myself, I dance about as well as Kevin James in the movie, Hitch. It didn’t look too hopeful for me. So, I was shocked when David cast me in my first play.

I was instantly hooked by the magic of bringing stories to life on stage! I fell in love with the theater and this method of storytelling. For the first time in my young life, I felt like I belonged. I knew I had found my place in this world as an artist and storyteller. I’ve pursued my passion for storytelling ever since. After obtaining my Master of Fine Arts in Theater, I expanded my storytelling experience by producing plays, films, and corporate videos while building my career as a marketing and communication leader for Walmart and Sam’s Club.

Today, I draw on all of my storytelling experience to help you create connection, relevancy, and influence in your marketing and communications, so you can engage, motivate, and maximize results.

If you want to transform prospects into loyal customers and loyal customers into raving advocates for your brand, you need a story that touches the heart, ignites the emotions, and motivates them to action.

You want a Heart Fire Story that moves your customers, clients, and employees from curiosity, to intention, to decision point, and finally to advocacy, where your story becomes their story and they share it on your behalf. This is the power of your story, and I use my proven Heart Fire Story framework to help you discover it.

You might be asking yourself, “What if I’m not good at telling stories?” Well, the truth is everyone can learn how to become better storytellers. While some people are more tuned into this skillset and intentionally use it to build relationships and drive desired results, you too can hone your storytelling skills to create connection and desire with your customers and employees.

Whether you realize it yet or not, you have the potential to tell powerful stories. I know the thrill you will experience when you tap into this creative part of yourself, which begins by remembering that your stories are a gift to the world. They are the map for someone who is lost. Like a navigational tool, your stories guide your customers and employees to the treasure they are seeking, your products, services, and ideas!

I bring a unique blend of retail leadership expertise with twenty-five years combined storytelling experience in theater, film, and video, to deliver energetic keynotes with actionable strategies. My mission with Heart Fire Stories® is to provide you communication and story frameworks that help you clarify your message and magnify your impact.

Whether you want to capture attention, build rapport, close more sales, share your vision, communicate your brand, motivate your employees or move them through change, the principles of effective communication and storytelling will help you engage, inspire, and influence any audience. Storytelling is a superpower! If you are ready to unleash its potential, let’s connect to see how I can support you in achieving your goals.

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