Meet Your Heart Fire Storyteller:

Andrea Cadelli, professional storyteller, commuications coach, speaking coachAndrea Cadelli is the founder and CEO of Newcastle Media, LLC & Heart Fire Stories®, a speaking and storytelling coaching company based in Northwest Arkansas.

As a master storyteller specializing in effective communication and persuasive speaking skills, Andrea works with leaders, entrepreneurs, and public speakers to discover, craft and share stories that resonate with your target audience and influence behaviors.

Whether you are pitching an idea, transitioning through change, communicating your brand, or trying to motivate with your message, stories are the most powerful way to connect and engage your audience and move them in the desired direction.

Andrea's Story:

Like you, I was born a storyteller. As a child, we are in touch with this creative aspect of our spirits. Fortunately, my parents nurtured this passion inside me (actually, they discovered I wasn’t good at anything else – trust me, they made me try everything!).

The universe threw me a bone: I grew up next door to a Theater director who introduced me to the stage and cast me in my first musical, Annie, at age 11. I fell in love with this method of storytelling and something came alive inside me – I knew I had found my place in this world as an artist and storyteller.

I pursued my education in theater and ultimately obtained my Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. I had big plans to become a Theater Director or to at least teach directing at a university or college. But the universe had other plans.

To my surprise, my first real job landed me in retail with Sam’s Club. That’s when I learned that storytelling is a critical skill for creative problem solving and persuasion. It’s no surprise then that my background in communications and theatre served me well as I moved my way up through the company. Amidst my corporate success and passion for business, everyone who knew me since I was a kid kept scratching their heads and asking, “But aren’t you an artist?”

Of course, I still loved theatre as well, so I directed shows in the local community in my spare time. I’ve directed more than thirty theater, video, and film productions during my career. In 2012, I started Newcastle Media,LLC and produced the feature-length films, Come Morning and The Perfect Host: A Southern Gothic Tale.

In 2016, I was working in Change Management when I was laid off as part of an organizational restructuring. Rather than looking at this as a negative event in my life, I chose to embrace it as an opportunity to reinvent my career and chase my dream of helping others discover and share their stories.

And the universe knew what it was doing. As a storyteller certified in Prosci Change Management principles, I combine my Heart Fire Stories methodology, theatre background, and my retail experience in Marketing and Change Management to help you deliver messages that ignite emotions, inspire change, and influence results.

Are you ready to rekindle the storyteller inside you?

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