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Why do some people overcome adversity while others get stuck? What core aspects of the human spirit help us overcome tragedy and grow from it? Poignant and powerful, Andrea’s honest journey through life’s most challenging circumstances answers this and serves as a guide for all who are searching for a path forward and a purpose-driven life.

Interweaving inspirational personal narratives with beautiful poetry, The Way Gargoyles Play takes the reader on a journey to healing and wholeheartedness that lends itself to a happier, more fulfilled life. With clearly defined takeaways in each section of memoir, this book is a guide to finding one’s own path to the inherent human qualities of kindness, forgiveness, perseverance, faith, courage, and self-acceptance. Each poem symbolically expresses these experiences through mesmerizing spoken word and imagery. Cadelli’s courageousness in telling deeply painful and challenging stories from her own life opens us to the healing power of vulnerability. She allows us to share in the healing process that led her from anguish and despair to joyfulness and fulfillment, and in so doing, invites us to find our own way. With a unique and clear voice, Cadelli demonstrates that a full and happy life is ours to cultivate for ourselves if we own our own truths and choose new paths. To assist in this process, the book provides a powerful six-step process to help eliminate the negative forces in your life so you can move through adversity and towards a brighter, happier future.

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