The Way Gargoyles Play: An Inspirational Journey Through The Heart of Darkness to Lasting Happiness

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Andrea writes with such humor and passion you become emotionally invested in her stories.  She puts you in Noni’s kitchen watching sunsets to having her final conversation in her father’s hospital room.  She takes you on a journey through her struggles and out the other side.  So hard to put down once you start to read.”  ~ Dianne Marshall

Andrea Cadelli’s The Way Gargoyles Play is a journey through loss, fear and ultimate triumph. Written with a storyteller’s voice and compelling honesty, Cadelli bravely shares her lessons and her helpful heart.”     ~Linda Orban

The Way Gargoyles Play is raw, honest, and poweful. Cadelli shares her journey in life, a journey often filled with loss and pain. She then shares how she found the path to healing and Divine Joy. The book is incredibly uplifting.”     ~Rosalyn Harrison

In The Way Gargoyles Play, Cadelli combines a refreshing mix of narrative and verse to share large, often difficult, moments in her life. The themes of self-acceptance, overwhelming grief, and the personal growth that comes with accepting life’s lessons are made all-the-more impactful by her beautifully-delivered verse. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes stories that influence meaningful poetry.”
~ Dimmy Linklater

I love this book and the incredible journey we take with Andrea through her most challenging, yet rewarding experiences. Though unimaginable, it is told in such a beautiful and approachable way that it becomes tangible. What really touched my heart and soul was the vulnerability of her openness. I felt every moment with her, and it was beautiful!”   ~ J. Morris

Cadelli’s hypnotic voice and powerful written words give way to a groundbreaking and transformative storytelling experience, one that has the power to heal.  The Way Gargoyles Play is a refreshing new approach to how we experience books, and gives keen insight into the resilience of the human spirit.”      ~ Amy L. Beaver

Gargoyles dress like everyday people and hangout in everyday places.  The powerful themes in this book resonate no matter your life experience, and Andrea’s personal stories inspire shared empathy as part of our collective human experience.”     ~ Hanburg

The Way Gargoyles Play, by Andrea Britt Cadelli, is a book bursting from its genre.  It is indeed a self-help book geared towards those who are struggling with a loss or facing challenging life changes and choices.  But it is so much more than that.  It is simultaneously a memoir, a life success planner, a book of southern humor, and a compilation of unforgettable poetry performances.  Cadelli takes the reader through her personal history, with all its triumphs and tragedies, in simple and strong prose.  In each chapter, Cadelli questions and examines what makes up true happiness and how others have a hand in shaping who we become .  She shies away from nothing as she reveals some of her most harrowing and difficult life experiences, while, at the same time, showing a resolve to bounce back and look at all the positives in life.  If you have ever needed encouragement, or if you’ve ever experienced tragedy, or if you like southern humor mixed with exciting poetry, or if you just like a good read from a natural story-teller, then do yourself a favor and read The Way Gargoyles Play.”   ~Amy Clark

This book was not what I expected. It was so much more! Andrea’s personal stories and poetry touched my heart and inspired me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I love her plan for growth. This is a must read book for anyone who’s ever been stuck. I can’t wait wait to share it with my friends and family.    ~James F. Boley

Andrea Cadelli’s book ‘The Way Gargoyles Play’ is part memoir, part manifesto, and part mindfulness exercise. Through her beautiful faith and powerful spirit Andrea shows us not only how to survive this sometimes cruel game of life, but how to thrive and love beyond the pain.”    ~ Carrie Cartier

The Way Gargoyles Play and Andrea Cadelli’s open, frank honesty about herself and her life is an amazing book. It has inspired me in more ways than I can say. By utilizing the techniques Andrea lays out in the book, I have found myself more mentally and physically happy and healthy than I have been in years and am on my own amazing journey through my own “heart of darkness.” Andrea has shown me that journey can be beautiful, and that one’s experiences – if shared with others – can lead to healing for oneself and those around you. I recommend this book to anyone struggling with their own Gargoyles. The freedom and peace it has helped me find are worth far more than five bucks… they are priceless!     ~Anonymous Amazon Customer

Andrea’s stories reveal heartbreaking modern day losses of dear loved ones and personal trauma. More grief than anyone should have to experience at such a young age. Her poems let the reader listen/experience the emotional pain and consequent healing. The fact that she has survived all this and that she strives to assist others who are grieving and hurting is a testament to her enduring love, strength and faith.”      ~ Joanne Mills

Andrea’s stories will strike a chord with anyone who has gone through a journey of grief and loss to hope, forgiveness and happiness. This book shows that though our journey’s may be different, our end results can be the same when we discover and live by our true spirit.”     ~ Christie Booker

The Way Gargoyles Play is a wonderful journey through Cadelli’s personal stories of beauty, grief, doubt and anguish. Her words of guidance, encouragement and understanding resonate with anyone on a path to self-discovery.      ~ Jeff Beaver

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Why do some people overcome adversity while others get stuck? What core aspects of the human spirit help us overcome tragedy and grow from it? Poignant and powerful, Andrea’s honest journey through life’s most challenging circumstances answers this and serves as a guide for all who are searching for a path forward and a purpose-driven life.

Interweaving inspirational personal narratives with beautiful poetry, The Way Gargoyles Play takes the reader on a journey to healing and wholeheartedness that lends itself to a happier, more fulfilled life. With clearly defined takeaways in each section of memoir, this book is a guide to finding one’s own path to the inherent human qualities of kindness, forgiveness, perseverance, faith, courage, and self-acceptance. Each poem symbolically expresses these experiences through mesmerizing spoken word and imagery. Cadelli’s courageousness in telling deeply painful and challenging stories from her own life opens us to the healing power of vulnerability. She allows us to share in the healing process that led her from anguish and despair to joyfulness and fulfillment, and in so doing, invites us to find our own way. With a unique and clear voice, Cadelli demonstrates that a full and happy life is ours to cultivate for ourselves if we own our own truths and choose new paths. To assist in this process, the book provides a powerful six-step process to help eliminate the negative forces in your life so you can move through adversity and towards a brighter, happier future.