A New Year Brings Opportunity For A New Story

2019 is just being born from the womb of its dreaming mother. The first time she holds her new babe in her arms, she sees all her potential beaming in those half-open eyes. She touches the tiny wrinkled brow and lightly caresses the warm rutty cheeks that are soft with unawareness of all that can be. With a kiss, she whispers softly to her newborn child, “Remember who you are. For in the remembrance, all things are possible.”

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If you can dream it and you believe it, you will become that which you desire.

What Does 2019 Hold In Store For You?

Where do you see yourself in 2019? What are your goals and dreams that resonate with your heart and soul? How will you set the year into motion to achieve them? What is holding you back from success and how will you overcome it?

Sure, you can write your New Year’s resolutions, but is that really the answer? How well has this worked for you in the past? Like most people, you probably start the year committed to your goals and then find that your motivation wanes as the months pass by. Furthermore, until you engage your heart and emotions in the process, your gains are short-term and you won’t likely succeed in the long run.

According to Chip and Dan Heath in their book, Switch, you can’t change behaviors with knowledge alone. “Knowing” what you need to do or “want to do” is helpful in designing the plan for change, but first you have to create an emotional connection with what you want. So, how do you create this desire for change when you want to reinvent yourself?

The Most Powerful Story You Tell Is The One You Tell Yourself

Maybe you need a new story. Why? Because it takes a story to engage our emotions, so why not try writing a self-narrative of your future self, the person you WANT TO BE in 2019. Visualizing your future self in a positive light creates feelings of hope and excitement which motivates you and helps you overcome obstacles along the way.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”9y329″ via=”no” ]“The story you tell yourself is powerful. It can either trap you or set you free, so be intentional with how you tell it.”[/ctt]

This is the topic of discussion in my interview with Park Howell on The Business of Story podcast. In this episode, I share the process of creating a powerful self-narrative to achieve your goals and dreams, even if you have no idea where to start. I also share a 6 step process for personal growth that unleashes your full potential and happiness from my book, Life After This: 6 Heart Fire Stories To Pick You Up When Life Knocks You Down.

You can listen to the podcast here.

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Here’s to making 2019 your best year yet! Wishing you many blessings and much happiness in the new year.

Andrea Cadelli

Andrea is a speaker, author, and storytelling expert. She loves helping you embrace your authentic voice and make an impact with your message. Through the power of story and the art of storytelling, she helps you ignite emotions, inspire change, and influence results. Follow her and unleash the power of your story.

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