Our Stories Unite Us And Reveal Universal Truths

You and I have something in common though we’ve not met before. We have loved and lost something we cherish in this life. This is our story though our losses might be different.  Whether it’s a relationship, a career, your health, or a loved one, the pain and fear of loss run deep. Would you agree?

Here’s the rub. Grief is an inevitable part of moving through loss, but sometimes we fight the grief as a way of denying the truth and pushing away the pain. When we mute our emotions, we suffer in silence and get stuck in that middle ground of apathy and depression.

This is the point where your story owns you and steals your personal power. I know this because I have been stuck before too. I was afraid to own my story and the pain attached to it. Without realizing it, I was avoiding my own strength. So how do we reclaim our power?

“Although setbacks of all kinds may discourage us, the grand, old process of storytelling puts us in touch with strengths we may have forgotten, with wisdom that has faded or disappeared, and with hopes that have fallen into darkness.” ~ Nancy Mellon, educator, psychotherapist, & storyteller

The Self-Healing Power of Your Story

The process of writing your story helps you get the words, thoughts, and feelings out of your head. It helps you make sense of what you are going through. It allows you to fully process the emotions and see the loss from multiple perspectives. From this vantage point, you are able to learn from the past without letting it define you.

Writing your story is part of owning it and reclaiming your power. This is the first step in letting go so you can experience emotional healing.

My story of learning to move forward again after the loss of my youngest brother was featured in the Letting Go Café and you can read it here.

Whether you are writing your story for your eyes only or to share for the purpose of helping others, there is healing power in your story. Owning it sets you free. Sharing what you learned heals the world.

What stories in your life have helped you heal and grow?

Andrea Cadelli

Andrea is a speaker, author, and storytelling expert. She loves helping you embrace your authentic voice and make an impact with your message. Through the power of story and the art of storytelling, she helps you ignite emotions, inspire change, and influence results. Follow her and unleash the power of your story.

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