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Cadelli’s hypnotic voice and powerful written words give way to a groundbreaking and transformative storytelling experience, one that has the power to heal.  Life After This is a refreshing new approach to how we experience books, and gives keen insight into the resilience of the human spirit.”      Amy L. Beaver

Gargoyles dress like everyday people and hangout in everyday places.  The powerful themes in this book resonate no matter your life experience, and Andrea’s personal stories inspire shared empathy as part of our collective human experience.”      Hanburg

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Hello, and thank you for your interest!

In my debut book, Life After This, I share my honest journey through life’s roughest storms. Through my heart fire stories and poetry, I hope to connect with anyone who has experienced loss, grief, illness, and adversity.  Whether you’ve encountered cancer, the loss of a child or loved one, abuse, or the loss of your own identity, the book reveals the strength of the human spirit and the growth experienced when you conquer life’s toughest challenges. Designing your future begins with healing your past. Are you ready to experience a breakthrough?

Below you will find a sampling of the poetry audio files included in the book. These poems were written for poetry slam competitions and they are most powerful as spoken word. For this reason, I’ve recorded my performances so you can fully experience the transformative power of words and interpret their connection to the stories. Enjoy them and I hope they enhance your book reading experience.  Note: Headphones are recommended to experience the nuances of the sound design.

Wishing you love, peace, and happiness!  Andrea

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Book Quotes:

I ran so fast from grief, I was sure it would never find me.  If it did, I was certain it couldn’t catch me.”

“The next day, I told Guilt I was breaking up.  She smiled that condescending smile that I hated.  ‘For good, this time’, I reinforced, ‘and you can take your friend, Shame, with you.’  She laughed.  Now I was pissed.”

“It’s strange how you can sum up all the important events in your life in such a short time span, a single hour.  And yet, we often give the past more power over our lives than it deserves.  Days, weeks, months, and even years are freely donated to the past when we lock ourselves inside our suffering.”

“Growing up with my dad was so much fun.  He liked to hunt, fish, canoe, hike, and explore new places, and I was his little adventurer.  There was no place I wouldn’t go with him no matter how early, how cold, or how hot and humid it was.  We were like Lewis and Clark.”

“It didn’t occur to me then that if a posse of nuns are sent to look for you, you’re going to be in big trouble when they find you.”

“I will share with you the embarrassing details of how I dressed in all black and snuck across the street to hide in a neighbor’s rose bush so I would have the perfect view when they pulled in the driveway. Yes, I know this sounds crazy but love does crazy things to people.”

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Meet The Author

Andrea Cadelli resides in Northwest Arkansas with her family and two furry friends, Bella and Sookie. She grew up in a large Italian family surrounded by rambunctious boys, loud talkers (she’s one of them), mouth-watering food, and her grandmother’s joyful laughter.  She loves her wine red, her coffee black, and her donuts warm.

She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Theatre from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and works as a director and producer of TV/film, video, and theater. She is the founder and CEO of Newcastle Media and has produced the feature-length films: Come Morning and The Perfect Host: A Southern Gothic Tale.

As a storytelling expert, Andrea is passionate about helping her clients discover their authentic voice and make an impact with their message. Through the principles of story and the art of storytelling, she guides clients to ignite emotions, inspire change, and influence results.

Her distinguished career also includes leading dynamic retail teams for a Fortune 100 company for more than fifteen years.  Her expertise in talent development, optimizing results, and finding creative solutions that drive innovation has established her leadership authority.

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