Thank You!

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Hello, Tribe!

Thank you for purchasing my book on!  I'm excited to share my honest journey through life's roughest storms in my debut book, The Way Gargoyles Play. Through my personal stories and poetry, I connect with anyone who has experienced loss, grief, illness, and difficult circumstances.  Whether you've encountered cancer, the loss of a child or loved one, abuse, or the loss of your own identity, the book reveals the internal and external Gargoyles that we must conquer in order to discover lasting happiness.  Though I would not consider this a typical self-help book, I've included a specific plan for GROWTH to help you move past suffering, let go of fear, and make transformative changes in your life so you can embrace the happiness of now.

Artistically woven, each story is accompanied by one of my poems that reinforces the theme of the chapter.  These poems were written for poetry slam competitions and they are most powerful as spoken word. For this reason, I've recorded my performances so you can fully experience the transformative power of words and interpret their connection to the stories. The poetry audio files are below.  Enjoy them and I hope they enhance your book reading experience!  Note: Listening with earphones reveals the nuances of the sound design, so I highly recommend it. Also, please leave a review of the book to let others know what you think of it. 

Wishing you love, peace, and happiness!  Andrea

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this book or found it useful, I'd be very grateful if you'd post a short review on Amazon. Your support really does make a difference and I read all the reviews personally so I can get your feedback and make this book even better.