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Storytelling keynote speaker, Andrea Cadelli, shares insights and her expertise in communications, storytelling, and change management to support leaders who want to capture the attention of customers and employees, grow sales, and build brand loyalty. 

Using her Heart Fire Stories® methodology, Andrea provides a proven formula for crafting brand and visionary stories that connect both the hearts and minds of customers and employees, so you can drive engagement and results. 

The future is a result of the stories we tell and believe. Leaders and companies don’t fail at change because they lack great ideas. They fail because they didn’t succeed at changing the narrative that connects their core values and beliefs to the culture, to the heart of the company.”

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Meet Andrea:

As a communication coach certified in NLP and Prosci change management, Andrea combines her Heart Fire Stories® methodology, theater and film background, and her retail experience in marketing and communications to deliver energetic keynotes with actionable strategies that awaken audiences to the power of story.

Andrea is a master storyteller specializing in effective communication and persuasive speaking. She works with leaders and small business owners to clarify your message and magnify your impact through stories that resonate with your target and influence results. 

Whether you want to capture attention, build rapport, close more sales, share your vision, communicate your brand, or motivate employees with your message, the principals of effective communication and storytelling will empower you to engage, inspire, and influence any audience.

Why Hire Andrea

Dynamic and entertaining, Andrea provides storytelling and communication strategies to empower a new generation of business leaders who want to successfully grow their brand and influence by connecting to the hearts and minds of their customers and employees. 
“Stories are evidence of your truth. They are more powerful than your opinions. Opinions build walls. Stories help you tear them down. If you want people to listen, to care, to follow you, tell them your story.” 

Book Andrea For Your Next Event:

“If you’re looking for an innovative storytelling approach to attract your customers and employees and inspire them to action, book Andrea for your next event!”

Highly Regarded As A Speaker For:

* Refreshing perspective and innovative approach to

   leadership development and  business growth       

* Communication and storytelling expertise

* Ability to emotionally connect with the audience and move 

   them to action

* Actionable strategies to support brand development 

   and change adoption

* Educational and interactive workshops & breakouts

* Vulnerability and honesty in sharing her own journey of

   overcoming loss and adversity

* High energy, fun, friendly, and loves meeting with 


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What Attendees Will Take Away:

* Creative solutions for building your brand story 

* Communication skills to create stronger engagement and 

   influence change

* More self-awareness of personal communication styles  

* Leadership development and commitment to empower teams 

* Persuasive communication techniques 

* The brain science behind the power of story 

Andrea's Signature Talks

When you book one of Andrea’s keynotes get ready to be captivated by her stories and energetic style. She blends personal and business stories with current research, relevant examples, and case studies to ensure a memorable experience. Andrea is committed to building an emotional bond with her audience by delivering quality content, relevant stories, and actionable ideas.

Storytelling Advantage: Influencing People and Results With Stories That Stick 
(Brand Storytelling | Leadership Development)

Engaging and connecting with customers amidst all the digital noise is one of the biggest challenges for today’s business leaders. In this talk, Andrea reveals how you can win big by creating a brand story that resonates in the hearts of your customers and inspires them to action. 

Imagine The Future: Narratives For Navigating Teams Through The Jungles of Change 

(Change Management | Employee Engagement)

Experience the fear and uncertainty of the jungle with Zaru as he traverses deeper into the dangerous Amazon on a quest to find his family. This talk reveals the secrets for successfully leading associates through the jungles of organizational growth and change engaging the hearts and minds of your people through storytelling. 

Authentically You: Accelerating Your Path To Success 

 (Motivation | Personal Development)

The desire for connection and validation is part of our human nature, but too often we seek these externally instead of looking within to find our inner strength. In this motivational speech, Andrea reveals the power of self-talk and how to construct stories that validate and empower you. 

Rave Reviews

Success Stories from the Stage

J. Darren Owen, J.D., Realtor


“Andrea captivated the entire audience with her stories and transformational change expertise. Her passion, energy, and personal stories created an amazing emotional connection with everyone present. If you want someone who can transform the energy in the room, I highly recommend Andrea Cadelli as your next speaker. You will not be disappointed.”

Annella Metoyer, President


“Hands down, Andrea is the best in the business for storytelling. She brings you into the story and takes you on the journey with her. Her talk lingers with you, leaving you wanting more. If you’re looking for a new approach to engage and influence an everchanging workforce, book Andrea for your next event!”

Val Heart, The Real Dr. Doolittle 


“Andrea has an extraordinary ability to engage her audience with soulful stories. She inspires and breaks down the walls between people, illuminating our humanity and expanding our ability to connect at a deep, personal level. Every one of us can improve our stories, on both personal and professional levels, and Andrea can teach us how to do it.”

Fun Facts About Andrea

Something most people don’t know about me is that in a previous life, I was a break dancer and a poetry slammer.  If I tried to do either today, I’d probably break a hip or a lip.  

On a trip to Greece in my twenties, I fell down forty marble steps at the Acropolis. I was talking to a friend when a man ran diagonally in front of me. I caught the back of his foot and the rest is history. Amazingly, I managed to escape with no broken bones and I didn’t spill one drop of my diet Coke! 

I only worry about the big stuff in life, like when I ask my 11-year-old nephew what he wants to be when he grows up and he responds with, “Either someone who makes video games or a clerk at Dollar General. Whichever one is easier.” 

Losing so many members of my immediate family has certainly had an impact on me, in ways I never could have imagined. By telling our stories, I keep my family’s spirit and memories alive and well. This has been an important part of my emotional and spiritual healing.  

Favorite movie: Life is Beautiful (Directed by Roberto Benini). Favorite non-fiction book: Pitch Perfect by Bill McGowen. Favorite play I’ve directed: Top Girls by Carol ChurchillMost challenging role as an actor: Ventriloquist, Audrey Hart, in BellesFavorite song: Can I only have one? Okay, then. Better Be Good To Me by Tina Turner (makes me want to dance and I LOVE dancing). 

My favorite time of year is fall, when all the magic happens in the world. Leaves turn from brilliant red to burnt orange and yellow. Pumpkin spice EVERYTHING reigns over the world and I’m a willing victim. And then there’s Oktoberfest and the most delicious beer. Yes, I’m definitely a fall kinda girl!