The Path To Healing Through Self-Compassion: Guest Post by Catherine Carrigan

“I think modern medicine has become like a prophet offering a life free of pain. It is nonsense. The only thing I know that truly heals people is unconditional love.” Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

One of the blocks that may hold you back from releasing painful patterns in your life is your relationship with yourself.

The teeny weeny habit of finding constant fault with yourself – often disguised as a never ending quest for self-improvement –gets in the way of...

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The Way Gargoyles Play

A Brave New Memoir With Heart And Soul:

Change is tricky.  Sometimes we choose to make changes in our lives. Sometimes circumstances beyond our control force change upon us (regardless of whether we are ready). We have less control in the latter situation. Or do we? Have you ever wondered why some people overcome adversity while others get stuck? Or how some people rise above tragedy and grow from it while others allow it to claim their happiness? In my new memoir, The Way Gargoyles Play, I explore these themes and reveal the internal and external forces we must conquer to discover lasting happiness. A book that will touch your heart and speak to your soul. Now available on Amazon. To learn more and see what others are saying, visit

Quotes, images, and themes from the book:

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