The Secret To Mastering Change: What An Injured Young Boy Taught Me

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What Makes Change An Easier Pill To Swallow?

I’m always amazed at the lessons life teaches us, often in the most unexpected ways.  Recently, an injured young boy taught me a lesson about how we successfully master change.

I had an upcoming speaking engagement to talk about the power of stories and how you can make an impact with your message through storytelling.  I was nervous.

Not about the speech I was going to...

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Taming Difficult Clients: 4 Ways To Protect Your Business And Your Sanity

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Can't Live With Them; Can't Live Without Them. Or Can You?

Difficult clients.  They deserve a sentence all by themselves.  These two words describe the type of clients that conjure strong feelings of frustration and regret for most business leaders.  And I would bet money that someone comes to your mind that fits this description.

Let’s face it, working with difficult clients is an inevitable part of doing business if...

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5 Critical Disruptors to Successful Business Growth

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You’re ready to grow your business – maybe you’re planning to expand, add new services, or acquire some of your competition.  Either way, it's is a big shift that requires you to transform the way you do business today.  Are you ready?  Have you properly prepared for the change?  Do you know the five business transformational pitfalls that can derail your success?

Business Growth Doesn’t Come Without Growing...

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New Job? Start Off On The Right Foot: 4 Key Wins That Demonstrate Your Leadership

Business Team

Starting a new job is both exciting and stressful. 

You look forward to tackling new challenges but all the unknowns that come with a new role can make it feel daunting.  I feel your pain because I’ve been there myself.  Here’s the great news; there are 4 key things you can do to set yourself up for success and transition smoothly.

What does my boss expect?  What does success look like for the organization? Who are the key stakeholders I need to...

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