Harness The Power of Self-Doubt: How To Respond To Those Voices In Your Head

Runner jumping across ravine

What Does Self-Doubt Feel Like?

Picture walking on a cloudy June afternoon.  The air is humid and the temperature is hovering around 80 degrees.  While you’re busy replaying a conversation with your boss in your mind, you notice the clouds transform from gray to black, and you hear a crack of thunder nearby.  You pick up the pace knowing that the storm is moving in quickly, but before you get another 50 yards, the rain starts pouring down.  This is not good....

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The Empowering Truth About Fear And How To Yank It From The Driver’s Seat

Image of FEAR spelled out in Scrabble

Who's Driving The Car?

Why do we want things in life and not go after them?  What is holding us back from our heart’s true desires?  The answer is FEAR.  Learning how to deal with this powerful emotion will help us overcome our aversion to risk and courageously pursue life.  I’m going to tell you the truth about fear.

I don’t like to feel afraid.  Nobody does.  But we’ve all experienced the uncomfortable physical sensations of our palms sweating, heart racing in...

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