Speaker Testimonials:

Andrea captivated the entire audience with her stories and transformational change expertise. Her passion, energy, and personal stories created an amazing emotional connection with everyone present. If you want someone who can transform the energy in the room, I highly recommend Andrea Cadelli as your next speaker. You will not be disappointed.”
J. Darren Owen, J.D., Realtor
Basset Mix and Associates

“Hands down, Andrea is the best in the business for storytelling. She brings you into the story and takes you on the journey with her.  Her talk lingers with you, leaving you wanting more. If you’re looking for a new approach to engage and influence an everchanging workforce, book Andrea for your next event!”
Annella Metoyer, President
Inspire Development, LLC.

“Andrea has an extraordinary ability to engage her audience with soulful stories. She inspires and breaks down the walls between people, illuminating our humanity and expanding our ability to connect at a deep, personal level. Every one of us can improve our stories, on both personal and professional levels, and Andrea can teach us how to do it.”  
Val Heart, The Real Dr. Doolittle & Pet Problem Solving Specialist

“Andrea’s passion and extensive knowledge on the topic of change is so impressive. We loved how she personalized her talk to our group whom she’d never met before. The tools she provided to help us manage both personal and professional changes left us feeling invigorated and excited about our jobs and the future ahead of us.”
Sally Harmon, Manager
Department of Human Services

Workshop Testimonials:

“Kudos to Andrea for helping me understand how to tell a story that keeps interest and conveys the message I want the listener to hear.  Fun and informative workshop!”
Debby Corwin, Franchise Owner
NWA Getaways Dream Vacations

“Andrea’s storytelling workshop was an absolute blast! The techniques I learned will help us define our unique purpose and position in the marketplace for years to come. ”
Wendi Snider-Seidel, Owner
Simply Done, LLC

“Andrea’s creative approach to storytelling broke through my students’ tough exteriors, inspiring them to produce vulnerable writing they didn’t believe they had in them. Her method is uniquely empowering.”
Dr. Diana Marre, Professor
Tacoma Community College

“I’m a talker who doesn’t know where to start or when to stop. This workshop taught me the power of brevity. Andrea helped me get to the heart of what I’m trying to communicate about my business and my brand.” 
Rosemary Kohrig, Realtor
REMAX Associates

“This workshop was well planned, organized and executed. Each exercise helps you convert your thoughts, experiences and emotions into a compelling story. In the course of the day, I had many “aha” moments that helped me discover my brand statement!
Marsha Lane Foster, Artist & Photographer
Lane Foster Fine Arts

“I’ve always loved telling stories. Andrea’s creative and interactive workshop provided me with the tools and processes to tell them better.”
Marion Christie Heath, Volunteer
Bella Vista Community Television
“This workshop is just what our organization needed! It helped me craft a brand story that communicates a higher global mission. Thank you, Andrea!”
Shea McCrary, Non-profit Administrator
2nd Milk

Coaching Testimonials:

Coaching Testimonials:

“Andrea’s creative approach to storytelling helped me discover and articulate stories that resonate with my clients. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and her communication expertise has elevated how I pitch and speak about my business. I highly recommend Andrea to anyone who wants to communicate with precision and influence.”
Kristie Wilson, Executive Coach
Evolving For Success, LLC.